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FIELD OF VIEW . TV is your reliable partner for professional live streaming and efficient real-time video production.

We produce talks, product presentations, keynotes, trainings, concerts, virtual in-house exhibitions, trade congresses and more at your location or in our TV studio in Feldafing on Lake Starnberg (only 30 km from the center of Munich).

Our video technology enables an extremely time-efficient production of your audiovisual content for all online and social media uses.

Our goal is to provide you with high-quality moving image content and an unforgettable experience.

We have our own studio with state-of-the-art audio, video and lighting technology to take your live broadcasts or live-to-disc productions to a new level.

In this video, we demonstrate a selection of visual, dramaturgical and didactic possibilities of a live studio production with two of our presenters – with graphic packaging, a studio guest, a remote guest, video feeds and much more.

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From left to right: Ivo Wellmann (sound engineer), Florian Epple (camera operator), Aaron Schromm (camera operator), Sarah Aschberger (presenter), Ralf Luethy (technical director and producer) and Philipp Rafferty (presenter, actor and coach). Not in the picture: Robby Porschen (live director)

Our Team

from FIELD OF VIEW . TV offers you everything you need for a successful live production – from conception and planning to execution and broadcast.

We’ll make sure your live event runs smoothly and professionally, and that you wow your audience.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help make your live events a success.

Live-Streaming and Live-Conferencing

Video streaming is possible on all current platforms:
vimeo, YouTube, facebook, twitch, twitter, instagram and LinkedIn – even in parallel and simultaneously. So you can reach your audience in real time on multiple channels anywhere in the world. Even in different synchronous language versions if you wish.

You can determine whether your broadcast is public or whether only a selected group of viewers can see the broadcast or, if necessary, must register or log in beforehand (SSO = Single Sign On).
This way, you retain full control over your content. All the way up to paid content, such as coaching or a masterclass.

Via chat, your audience can stay in touch with you during the show, send reactions, ask questions – which can then also be answered directly by the experts in the studio.

Alternatively, conference calls are also possible via Microsoft Teams or Zoom, in which the entire studio is integrated into the call as a “virtual webcam” and your participants can report back directly with image and sound from their webcam.

Hybrid Event

A hybrid event is an event that takes place both on-site and online and thus appeals to a broader audience. Live streaming technologies are used to broadcast the event in real time and allow viewers from all over the world to participate.

The benefits of a hybrid event are obvious:
More people can be reached, travel costs are eliminated for attendees, participation is more flexible, and the reach and visibility of the event is increased.

Even though the event is held on-site, it can still be enhanced with live streaming technologies. This allows invited guests on-site to interact and participate in the event together with a global online audience. Such a combination of on-site event and live streaming is also known as “hybrid streaming.”

Hybrid streaming opens up numerous opportunities for event organizers to make their event broader and more effective. It enables greater reach and increased interactivity, making it an attractive way to organize events in today’s digital world.